Extractions • Extraction Treatments • Simple Extractions

Do you have a broken or decaying tooth? Extractions are done to remove these types of damaged teeth. Extractions are done quickly with virtually no pain. Extractions will remove the problem of infections and bacteria. Extractions are an effective tool against severe gum disease. Extractions will save the supporting tissues and bone structures of your teeth. Stop the agonizing pain of broken and decaying teeth. Contact us about our extractions service.


  • Repairs severe tooth decay
  • Stops the spread of infections
  • Removes teeth being blocked
  • Removes fractured teeth
  • Removal of impacted molars
  • Done for preparation of putting in braces

Extraction Treatments

The thought of having a tooth “pulled” isn’t comfortable. But don’t worry. Dr. Gary Murphy will quickly and accurately complete extraction treatments. Extraction treatments will get you back to great oral health. Our extraction treatments will give your wisdom teeth the space they need to grow. Your extraction treatments will be done before you know it! We offer an effective aftercare program with our extraction treatments. We look forward to helping you relieve your pain.


  • Comfortable extraction treatments
  • Fast and effective extraction treatments
  • Simple extractions for easy to reach teeth
  • Surgical extractions for hard to reach teeth
  • Aftercare program for proper healing