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Root canals are necessary for a few reasons. Root canals treat disorders of the nerve of your tooth. Root canals corrects trauma suffered by your tooth. This trauma can be due to a physical blow to your tooth. Root canals are needed for physical irritation caused by any deep decay in your tooth. And root canals effectively treat severe gum disease. With root canals the root pulp is treated, so your teeth can be saved. Don’t let your teeth and gums deteriorate any longer. Contact us about our root canal services.


  • Treats tooth trauma
  • Corrects damage to your root pulp
  • Stops tooth deterioration
  • Treats severe gum disease
  • Helps with physical irritation
  • Stops bacteria growth and infections

Root Canal Treatment

Choose Dr. Gary Murphy for your root canal treatment. Our caring dental staff will provide root canal treatment in a quiet and comfortable environment. Your root canal treatment will help you save your mouth from further deterioration. The root canal treatment process is done carefully and safely. We use a variety of dental techniques to make your root canal treatment a success. Trust the staff of Dr. Gary Murphy for your root canal treatment.

  • Safe and comfortable root canals
  • Thorough x-rays and examination
  • Aftercare program for steady healing
  • Stops swelling and discomfort
  • Removal of diseased root pulp and bacteria
  • Temporary fillings for infection draining


For comfortable and safe Federal Way dentistry contact Dr. Gary Murphy today.