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On this page you’ll learn about the new dentistry procedures we’ve learned. New dentistry procedures and tools help to speed up your dental treatments. New dentistry techniques are making dentistry procedures more pleasant and less painful. Dr. Gary Murphy and his staff are dedicated to improving your dental experience. We’ll keep you updated on the latest dental procedures, products, techniques and treatments available. Contact us with any questions about new dentistry information.

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Root Canals

No one looks forward to a root canal. Dr. Gary Murphy and his staff will help you with your root canal procedures. Here’s an exciting new discovery for root canals. Dentists have found a way to potentially treat future root canals. Researchers made a small dental film no wider than a human hair. It contains revitalizing dental pulp.

This is a major find for root canals. Why? Instead of potentially inflaming gums it would produce new gum tissue and teeth. The new root canal tool can help repair infected gums and teeth needing root canals. In the future root canals will be faster, less expensive and virtually painless!


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