Mission Statement

“As a team we choose to create a warm, caring and confident environment in which our clients are encouraged to become active participants in their individual level of dental health.”

This is our mission statement developed by our entire staff. The goal was to explain our practice philosophy and role as dental health care providers. We’re committed to upholding this statement in giving you the highest level of care possible.


We will take the time needed to help you understand the overall health of your mouth. We believe you should take an active role in reaching oral health goals you feel are appropriate.


When you look for dental services you should find a dentist who is competent. And your dentist should be committed to your dental health. Your dentist should have a caring and positive attitude. Your dentist should take the time to know you and understand your concerns. They should evaluate the full condition of your mouth. Your dentist should discuss every possible treatment option to resolve your dental problem.

You should receive a dental plan that meets your individual needs. Your dental plan should be in the best interest of your overall health. You deserve a dentist who cares enough to give you the best dental treatment possible.


We have been practicing this way for over 31 years. We have made a commitment to stay educated on the latest dental practices, treatments and techniques. Our staff is trained on the latest dental tools, new technology and other dental methods. We’re committed to developing a professional relationship and trust with you.


For comfortable and safe Federal Way dentistry contact Dr. Gary Murphy today.